About Us

Work, here.
For the best of your life.
Our Mission
Walnut Hills is a caring Christian community offering life with purpose and high-quality retirement services within a broader community that cares and serves.

Greencroft – leading with CROFT values

CROFT values
Pursuing innovative solutions, creative ideas and ongoing improvement.
CROFT values
Showing courtesy, kindness, grace, mercy, patience and love for all.
CROFT values
Embracing our differences, listening to others’ points of view.
CROFT values
Responding with careful consideration for all.
CROFT values
Working together to create memorable experiences — making this the best place to live and work.

Employee Benefits

Full- and Part-time benefits include:

Employer Matched Retirement Contribution
Critical Illness Coverage
Complimentary Meals and Snacks
Education Assistance Programs
Employee Assistance and Counseling Programs
Complimentary access to fitness center
Verizon Discount
Paid Time Off
Health Savings Account
Bi-Weekly Payroll / Direct Deposit
RreadyPay Today (Daily Pay Program)

Here’s what our staff has to say.
Barb Schlabach – Housekeeping
“The CROFT values we have here make us stand out from other providers. They give us the tools to work things out, and I use them at home as well as at work.”
Lyndsey Thomas – Charge Nurse
“I started as an aide here, and I loved it so much I decided to go to school for nursing. I received help financially, and they worked with my schedule so I could go to school.”
Charge Nurse