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Walnut Hills is looking for individuals who have a compassionate heart and a desire to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

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Working together to create memorable experiences

Start your career as a State Tested Nursing Assistant with us! You can look forward to enriching the lives of others by virtue of your compassion and responsiveness to help those with medical needs.

An STNA is a vital asset to our caring Walnut Hills community.

As STNA you would provide high-quality daily care to our residents. This includes bathing, dressing, feeding, along with other activities of daily living.

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Here’s what our staff has to say.

Kelly Barker - Registered Nurse

“Walnut Hills stands out because it’s a calm environment as well as personable. It gives peace of mind for the residents and the staff.”


Registered Nurse

Jeannie Mccutchen – STNA

“Your voice matters here. People listen to me and take what I say into consideration, because we know our residents so well. It’s nice to feel like what you have to say matters.”


State Tested Nursing Assistant

Cheryl Keim - STNA

“When I walked into Walnut Hills, it felt like I had come home. This place is in my heart. I love the residents so much.”


State Tested Nursing Assistant